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Simple Ways to Fundraise for CHES

There are several ways that YOU can help CHES to fundraise all year long without any extra time or money.  Please click on the links below to read more about each of these programs and how you can easily be a part of them!

  • Kroger Community Rewards Program   Read this article for information about how to link your Kroger Card to our school.  We will receive money back from the Kroger Community Rewards Program for purchases made using cards that are linked back to CHES.  
  • Boxtops for Education  There are multiple earning opportunities on the website.  There are ebox tops and coupons available to redeem here.  If you do online shopping, check out ther marketplace on the Box Tops website.  One click takes you to the company's website and then gives us credit for your purchase.  You can also track CHES progress on this website.
  • Labels for Education  Simply register your Kroger Plus card here and earn us points!  Clip the Labels for Education labels off participating products and send them in to school.